engaging students in life-long learning

Graduate Education Development Institute
As a part of the Transformative Graduate Education at VT, I worked with graduate students to develop their skills in engaging the classroom with contemporary pedagogy

Academy for GTA Excellence
Featured image doing work with the GEDI Assistantship as a part of the GTA Academy through Virginia Tech

GPP Cohort 2015
This was also a part of a study abroad program paid by the Graduate School that resulted in presentations at the Swiss Embassy in 2015

Teaching Philosophy
This is my teaching philosophy about how I engage student in the learning environment.

Example Syllabus
This is an example course syllabus from one of my honors colloquium sections.

Living wall designer
This is an example of outreach and the sharing of expertise to wider audiences.

Courses Taught
During my Master’s and Doctorate I had the opportunity to teach or assist in nine unique courses, some multiple times over 2013-2017, including: Contemporary Pedagogy, 1st-5th year studio, thesis documentation, Environmental Building Systems, Environmental Design Research, Structural Systems, and honors colloquium.