This is the dissertation overview. The full work can be found at, which is an interactive website for the information found during the research and as a series of case studies that exemplify possible works.


This study into the architectural profession reviews developed decision support frameworks (graphics to inform and improve decision making through access to more information) as knowledge sharing devices. These developed frameworks first, influence decision makers: the students and their decisions in their personal architectural design process and second, develop a framework on vegetated assemblies (building assemblies that incorporate plants such as green roofs and walls) as vegetated assemblies relate to color theory and its implications in design methodology.

This decision support framework assists students in their design process in studio and studio-like educational environments. The purpose of this decision support framework is to influence the students in using vegetated assemblies in their future design inquiry. After implementation, the purpose was to determine the worth of the framework as a mechanism for knowledge sharing. Both purposes were reviewed in developing the framework using immersive case studies, classes both in traditional studios and studio-like courses, website development and member feedback.

The evidence of the resulting improvement of decision making or design work was found through the use of surveys, student reflective writing, and personal interpretation of student works and my own immersive design studies, classes, and development of the framework and its website. The surveys and reflective writing were collected from multiple years of involvement in traditional studio and studio-like classes to refine the framework and its use.

The results of the study suggest that students do have a larger body of knowledge to make decisions about utilizing vegetated assemblies than before the use of the framework and go on the continue using vegetated assemblies in design work. The framework presents the various factors that impact decisions into vegetated assemblies and develop future designs. By influencing and improving knowledge of such factors on the design of vegetated assemblies early in a student’s education, improves decision making in future designs and later professional work.