Current Works

As light is the progenitor for color, I have continued to work with the full-scale case studies from past research and studied the qualities of light that each possess. These light studies in constructed works also extend to the use of solar lighting for night-time lighting.

This study of light also works with the concept of “thrown” color. For example in new leaves, green can be cast into a space as light passes through the translucent leaves.

By extension this looks at the biophilic response the humanity has to nature, that we are drawn to it, perhaps even comforted by it and certain natural conditions. Further study in 3D-printing for designing analogs is also under development.

This watercolor study, exhibited as a part of a student show in the local XYZ gallery, started work into the development of an illustrated work on native vines in Virginia and there potential uses in vegetated assemblies.

Essentially the images would be put along side of vegetated systems that each plant would be most suited for, to visually represent the development of such systems.

This would also begin to combine with research into play and the art of chance. Each page of the illustrated series would have an associated number and dice would match plants with other design concepts and see how such ideas combine, even in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Constructed object through the use of reclaimed materials. These include a 24 unit series of phone holders using plywood and metal brackets. These holders were exhibited as creative works in 2017.

The two phone holders shown here were some of the first made in 2015, using materials leftover from the Solar Garage project shown above.

These two function as charging stations as well. This lead to the other 24 holders serving as charging and music stations as well as car and house key hangars.

Current studies are looking into how these units would be mounted to walls and adaptable to changing family and living situations.