our research should fuse with and inform studio

Research Topics

These research topics and projects are areas of interest that have been applied to parts of my design work.The ability to apply research into studio and its method is incredibly important.


Design Frameworks

It is one thing to have knowledge. It is another to share it with others openly. The website is a living document, updated as new information and other topics are explored.

livingwalldesigner website


The Building Envelope

At the Center for High Performance Environments: Research in vegetated assemblies, black and white roofs, electrical resistance in wood, wall section design, predictive programming usage (WUFI), and more.

Green Roofs
Green Roofs 2
Wall Sections


Color Theory

How do we explore something that we find interesting and apply our new knowledge? Color is a fundamental part of visual perception, so we need to be thoughtful about the aesthetic qualities and use of color.

color studies


Biophilic Connection

We have an inherent connection to nature. If we desire to use this connection in our design we must experience it. We do this by engaging the nature, the phenomena, of our spaces and places.

sophomore scholarship
nature picture photos
camera trapping


Contemporary Pedagogy

There are methods to the madness both from the tradition of architecture and general contemporary pedagogy. International research into higher education and potential trends can define our teaching practices.

GPP Agenda and Script – 06.19.15
Swiss_Presentation_Global University Accountability


Reclaimed Materials

When we make something, often we have materials left over. If is important to design for this leftover, either to reduce it or utilize it in other projects.

graphic pallet standards 2013
pallet deck and planter
Full-scale leftovers
scrap models